Volunteer Info

Suggested Volunteer Ideas

Things you can do with your vehicle:

  • Go purchase supplies – donate or we can reimburse you as requested by SSC
  • Drop off and pick up prescriptions for our guests
  • Occasional trips to the hardware store
  • Weekly trip to the food bank and grocery store
  • Drive men to appointments or pick them up after appointments
  • Visit guests went they are hospitalized

Things you can do at home:

  • Launder donated clothing, sort, tag, and place on hangers
  • Help us make phone call for event planning and outreach
  • Write and send out thank you notes and other correspondence
  • Plan and orchestrate a fundraising event

Things you can do at the shelter:

  • Pack, label, and storage belonging of previous guests;
  • Visit with our guests at the Shelter
  • Make minor repairs and replace broken appliances
  • Supervise or assist with the maintenance around the Shelter
  • Cleaning services
  • Join us at our next event

Things you can do from almost anywhere:

  • Assist us with fundraising and have some fun!


We need you to help us embrace the valuable service we provide to the community. Join our outreach teams today! Have some fun contacting faith based organizations, local business owners, philanthropists, affluent members of our community who like to host fundraising events, encourage famous people and local personalities to embrace our cause, and much more;
Contribute your professional services including: legal, accounting, marketing, internet development, business development, fundraising, event planning, and more. We want you to have fun when giving back to the community.