Success Stories

People left to live on the street after release from the hospital are highly vulnerable and often have no means to get back on their feet.  Being without a home and in need of post-hospital rest is a frightening experience and a time of crisis.

Our guests join us by referral only from health care workers throughout Maricopa County.  Case workers send us clients that are ambulatory and no longer qualify for hospitalization.  However, they have continuing needs for shelter, nourishing food and attention if they are to experience as full a medical recovery as their condition allows.  Having a place at the Respite Shelter to complete their physical recovery and receive support in developing a plan to become self-reliant.

Success is measured by restored health and the restored ability to provide for one’s own needs.  Of the 50 to 100+ client who join us annually, a small percentage return to homelessness by choice and the balance find a place of stability needed to rebuild their lives.

What speaks clearly is the Shelter’s proven track record in making it possible for our program participants to make dramatic improvements in their life situation. Many leave with homes, jobs and a strong support group of people who continue to care and provide assistance. This is one of the factors which make the Shelter truly unique. It is notable that few respite shelters of any kind exists anywhere in the nation and the success of the Respite Shelter enables it to serve as an easily transferable model for other communities.

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